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Exportation Treatment

Decontaminate against quarantine pests, alive insects and larvae.
Phitosanitary treatment in the wood pallets and packaging according to the "International Standard Packaging Material" - ISPM15 and registered in Brazil by the Ministério da Agricultura, Pecuária e Abastecimento - MAPA.

Heat treatment

Use of hot air power.
Ecologically correct
Accept without restriction by every country according the "Kyoto Protocol".

MB Treatment

Use of methyl bromide gas to treat the pallets.
Quarantine treatment.


Because of the experience and technical knowledge about the timber packaging, the Ciclo Verde can do standardization studies, aiming the reduction of models of pallets our boxes used, providing the costs reduction and improving internal control.


The Ciclo Verde Engeneering departament develops new models of pallets to any need of palletizing and timber packaging, always aiming the quality in coherent logistics and costs of packaging.

Logistics and Operations Improvement

Improvement studies next to the costumer about the operation with timber pallets and packaging.


Reverse logistics, fractionated delivery and other logistics solutions that can contribute to your operation.

Operations improvement

We can improve your logistic operations by means of study of fractionated delivery, delivery of timber packaging at your raw material costumers, providing the interaction with Ciclo Verde´s packaging and others supply from the productive chain of your products.